The Mega Treat and Chew Pack

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The Mega Treat and Chew pack contains everything you would need for your Dog.

This pack is great for keeping your Dog busy and happy. With such a large range at a discount price, they are not going to get bored with the offerings. Also a great gift for the new dog owner that needs a good selection up front.

This pack may save your Dog chewing on the house or furniture. Simply swap something they shouldn't be chewing on, for something in this pack and you have a very happy dog.

This pack is suitable for power chewers.

This pack contains 

  • 2 small Shark Tails
  • 1 Australian Pigs Ear
  • 100g Kangaroo Jerky 
  • 1 Kangaroo Filled Cow Hoof
  • 1 Cow Ear
  • 100g Kangaroo Knee Tendons 
  • 100g Premium Beef Liver

This pack is worth over $75

As usual, all our treats are 100% Australian Made from Australian Produce with absolutely no additives what so ever.

If on the very low chance that something in the pack is unavailable, we will automatically swap it with another product of equal or higher value.