The Diva Training Pack

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Lovingly Packaged for your pup is the Diva  Training Pack.

Featuring 3 of our most classic and Tasty treats for your pup to enjoy.

Great for taking on walks and training as they do break up relatively easily.

With over $40 in value, this is great value.

The Pack Contains:

Beef Cubes: Made from Beef Lung and is very light and airy. Great as a low fat snack or training treat for your pup.

Kangaroo Cubes: Made from Kangaroo Lung and is also very light and airy and Great as a low fat snack or training treat. 

Premium Beef Liver Treats:  A favourite all round classic is the Premium beef liver treats. These are the highest quality beef liver available. 

If on the very low chance that something in the pack is unavailable, we will automatically swap it with another product of equal or higher value.



All packs are 100% Australian made with 100% Australian Produce. Contains absolutely no Additives, Preservatives, Colours, Flavours or Sugars.