Pure Chondroitin Fairy Dust Refill

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Pure Chondroitin Fairy Dust is great as a tasty addition to your Dogs Meals.

Our Pure Chondroitin Fairy Dust is very fine, ensuring it gets mixed through the food efficiently and making the whole food experience more tasty too!

Great for Dogs that have inflammation from arthritis and also encourages a healthy shiny coat.

New 150g Size now available in the drop down option.

Pure Chondroitin Fairy Dust is great for fussy dogs to help them eat their meal too, its a high value taste that dogs absolutely love!

A great source of Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine Sulphate, Protein & Calcium.

Powder Dosage for Joints and inflammation : See below for daily guide of powder. Once results are seen (normally 4-6 weeks) you can reduce to a maintenance amount of 50-80% of dose. Dosage is a guide and can be varied depending on your dogs results. Results vary and there is no guarantees that your dog will see improvements. research suggests 80% of dogs see some form of improvement when taking it regularly.

Pet’s weight Initial Dose
< 15kg  5 grams / 1 tsp
15 – 30kg 10 grams /2 tsp
30 – 40kg 15 grams / 3 tsp
40+kg 20grams / 4 tsp

100% Australian Made from Australian Produce with absolutely no additives.