Premium Chicken Breast Treats 25g

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Our Premium Chicken Breast Fillets are 100% Chicken Breast with absolutely no additives and 100% Australian Made from Australian Chickens.

A perfect addition for your Breeders Puppy Pack or Dogs Birthday Party favours. Easily breaks into small pieces and is great for sensitive tummies.

Suitable for Puppies and Kittens.

These are more of a crunchy treat for your pet, as we don't add the additives that are needed to make the chicken bendy and chewy. 

Your Dog/Puppy will be so impressed with the overall yummy factor of these Premium Treats and they smell delicious too.

Your Pet will certainly taste the difference with our Chicken compared to other Treat Businesses. Our Chicken is made weekly on our premises and is certainly not hanging around a warehouse for months or years waiting for you. Its always fresh for your pet, and they can certainly tell the difference.

Great for Training or a snack.

Smellometer Rating: ⭐

100% Australian Made without any artificial Colours, Flavours, Sugars or additives of any kind.