Large Shell on Prawns 50g

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Crunchy high quality Human grade Prawns your Dog will love.

Prawns are high in Iodine which plays an important role in thyroid function and brain health. They also contain Omega 3 and 6 as well as many antioxidants, great for heart and brain health.

With the shells still on, these are rich in Glucosamine which is beneficial in joint care too.

50g is around 7-11 large Prawns, depending on size.

Smellometer: ⭐⭐

Dogs will find these crunchy snacks so delicious, they won't even be aware of how healthy they actually are.

As usual, all our treats are 100% Australian Made from Australian Produce. We support Aussie Farmers. They contain NO colours, flavours or additives of any kind.