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Cow hooves are great for all dogs. They are very strong and will keep even the strongest of chewers entertained for a long while.

These are sold as a single hoof. You can choose to have either a plain hoof for your Dog and fill it yourself (so much fun and variety available) Raw feeders will love adding their tasty meat morsels to these. Even peanut butter can be fun too and keep your Dogs mind stimulated for longer.

Or you can purchase our ready to go Hoof filled with dehydrated Kangaroo meat for extra fun and make your Dog chew for longer and have no mess or fuss.


As these are a 100% Natural Product, weight will vary. But on average these weigh between 80g-140g and are between 12cm-15cm in size.

High in protein and low-in-fat makes this suitable for most dogs. This is a  pure and natural, strong-smelling and full-flavoured Dog treat that will keep them happy.

100% Australian Cow Hooves with 100% Australian Kangaroo meat (for roo filled variety)

100% Australian Made from Australian Produce.