How are your Shark Products Sourced?

100% Australian caught Gummy Shark and dried in Australia. Gummy shark is used in Takeaway shops in Australia and sold under the name Flake. We use the stuff the Takeaway Shops cant use. Which means there is little to no wastage.

Gummy shark is classed as fully sustainable and has a quota which is strictly monitored by the Australia Fisheries.


We do not use unsustainable, endangered shark species for any of our shark products and never will.

When is my Order Posted?

We don't like to wait for our parcels, and we cant imagine you do either! Most of our orders are posted within the hour they come in, which is very fulfilling for us and even better for you! We will send you the tracking number straight away so you can watch the progress. We use Australia Post for 99% of our deliveries.

How do I organise Local Pick Up?

We make local pick up quick and easy! Simply select the local pick up option on checkout and send us either an email or text message with your Order Number. We will be able to organize a time that suits you.

If you accidentally choose Locak Pick up and do not live in the area, we are happy to send you the postage cost via PayPal for your convenience.

International Postage 

Due to international customs regulations, we are unable to guarantee that your treats will make it to your door. We are able to post other items, such as Collars, Toys, Bandanas etc that are not food items. Contact us via Sales@kirstenanddiva.com with what you are wanting to order and We are able to give you a postage quote. You will also be liable for any Customs Charges/Taxes that are payable.

Are your Treats safe for Human Consumption?

We use the best people ingredients available, however our treats are not under any circumstances recommended for human consumption. Our Treats are still rated as a raw product that is fantastic for your Pet, but not so great for humans.