Treats Are Important for Your Dog

Treats Are Important for Your Dog

If you have a Dog or are thinking about getting a Dog you have likely heard advice for training from Trainers, Friends, Pet Shops, Books, Magazines, Online- the options are endless.

Most Trainers agree that Dog Treats are a thing that Puppies and Dogs know the language of. They know it means "Job well done" and will learn the tasks to get a treat. The better the treat, the more they will want it.

Its also important to keep a range of treats on hand. Like you, your dog can tend to get bored with the same flavour treat that's on hand for a while. Mix it up a bit and keep them guessing. We love to keep a jar of treats and they are a mix of everything we have on hand. Diva loves this and it keeps her from getting bored.

Treats are also used for bonding with your Dog (and Lots of snuggles) which is a display of love and affection of sharing items of high value.

When Should I Treat my Dog/Puppy

Treats can be used often during snuggling on the lounge, out and about on walks (or runs if your fitter than Me) and at any time you think is necessary. Be sure to make it at different times of the day, and not the same time every day as the expectation for your Dog can increase leading to unruly behaviour.

Be sure to always use treats that are for the purpose of gifting to your Dog, and never harmful Human Foods as this can lead to stomach upset or worse.

During Training Sessions give your Dog/Puppy the treat quickly after a job well done and lots of praise. Keep training sessions short and fun, as to not put them off. Your time together should always be positive.

We highly suggest aromatic treats like Kangaroo Cubes, Lamb Cubes,Premium Chicken Breast and Green Tripe (Coming Soon!) for your training as the smell entices your dog even more to please you.