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Recently I saw a post with frozen treats for Dogs using Rawhide. Rawhide is known to be one of the most dangerous products on the market for Dogs, with the chemicals used and the deadly after effects it can have on your beloved pooch. We have made a Rawhide free recipe that is so easy to adapt to what you have in the cupboard. Most ingredients used in this recipe (apart from fruit) can be purchased on our website and we will quickly ship them to you.   Chicken and Fruity Pup Cups 3 teaspoons Pure Chicken Bone Broth Powder  2...

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If you have a Dog or are thinking about getting a Dog you have likely heard advice for training from Trainers, Friends, Pet Shops, Books, Magazines, Online- the options are endless. Most Trainers agree that Dog Treats are a thing that Puppies and Dogs know the language of. They know it means "Job well done" and will learn the tasks to get a treat. The better the treat, the more they will want it. Its also important to keep a range of treats on hand. Like you, your dog can tend to get bored with the same flavour treat that's on...

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